Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Market Shifts

Marketing your product, service, or art would be advertising it. A market is getting your product or services shown to others. Markets shift over time due to technology. Years ago, we would see advertisements in the newspaper or on cork boards. Nowadays companies pay apps and sites to show their ads you could be scrolling through your Instagram and come across a Snapple or Apple ads.

Now that the market is more online a lot more jobs in digital arts are showing up. People are now making videos to catch your attention. Before you couldn’t have video ads because it was in a newspaper. On Youtube, the majority of ads are videos placed before the video you clicked to watch. So it opens up a whole new field for workers to join. It also not just forming ideas for the ad and editing it. It opens jobs for filming as well.

I enjoy photography and film making. It is the reason why I’m interested in the arts and communications industry. I think these skills are very important for marketing and our future. Digital media is what our future contains and this means seeing ads that are videos or pictures. People will want to see pictures of what they would be buying. Would you buy a shoe online that has no pictures just a description?

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Proprietary Information

FCC stands for Federal Communication commissions. They find and watch out for copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is the use of another's work without permission or without giving proper credit. If you get caught stealing or using another person's work without permission there will be negative consequences. You can get sued, fired, expelled from school or even end up in jail. To get permission there is a few steps. First you need to call, message, or email the owner. Then you will need to ask for permission and see if you need to pay for usage of their work. If they agree you need to get the agreement documented to avoid legal problems. Fair use is work that can be used without getting in trouble. For example pexel is a legal fair use website.

Confidentially is keeping information quite. Some examples of things you want to keep quiet is where you live, where you work, and siblings or personal social media accounts. If people know personal information they can find you and harm you. They could take your identity which could lead to a bad reputation or financial issues. Also people could find negative information on you and share it which would lead to not getting jobs or getting into colleges. Censorship is speaking or standing up to hurtful or sensitive topics. The first amendment and censorship relate to each other. In my opinion people should be allowed to speak up. The first amendment allows you to do so. I do not think that people should stand up with violence. The 5th amendment relates to censorship as well. The 5th amendment makes it so people can not violate someone's privacy because that could lead to danger. So the amendments keeps censorship in balance.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies

Communication is a very important tool everyone can use. You can communicate in hundreds of ways. A few ways of communication is texting, talking, and writing. You change how you communicate when you talk with different people. When I talk with little kids I use a smaller vocabulary. When I talk with adults I treat them with respect and expand my vocabulary. I feel most comfortable talking with family and friends. When you talk with people you are comfortable with you might have bad grammar. A form of communication I need to improve is texting. I often cause misunderstandings that can have major effects. Communication is a tool you need to practice.

After high school I want to pursue photography and videography. Communication is a tool I will need. When you are filming something you need to communicate what you envision and want to show in your final film. If you have a client your filming for you need to communicate your strengths and what you can do. In photography you also need to guide your “subjects” to have the overall outcome you want. Communication might not seem important for the field of work i’m interested in but it plays a huge part. Without communication you could end up loosing clients and end up poor work.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019



For my final photo series project I will be doing double exposures. Double Exposures are photos that set a new perspective of the world. Something you would never see. It combines two photos together to create a unique image. Double exposures have been a type of photography for around 200 years. Now days we can do them in camera by changing the settings and taking 2 + photos. You can see and place where you want your photos to overlap. In the past they would hand overlap the photos. A famous double exposure photographer that inspired me is Muhammed Faread. In his photography he likes to express his subject. To do this the inner photos (the photo in the portrait) is something that represents the subject. I am going to try and accomplish that in my photography. For example, I could take a portrait of my sister and then a picture of a wave. This would express her because we all call her a mermaid because she was born in the water. She surfs, swims, body boards, and does many more water activities. The reason why I choose double exposure photography is because I feel like you can create a story with your final image. I want to express my friends and family in my photography for this final project.
ISO 100, F5.6 , 1/50
Photoshop Process: Adobe Raw Edits (saturation, clarity, blacks, whites, highlights) and Layer Mask 

ISO 100,  F5.6, 1/1,000
Photoshop: Saturation, Clarity, Exposure, and Layer Mask
ISO 100, F5.6 , 1/200
Photoshop: Crop, Contrast, Layer Mask, Saturation, Shadows and Highlights

ISO 100, F8,  1/60
Adobe Bridge Raw edits, Mask, Crop & Dodge Tool

ISO 200, F 18, 1/600
Photoshop: Adobe Bridge Raw edits, Mask, & Dodge Tool

Settings: ISO 100, F16, 1/30
Photoshop: Adobe Bridge Raw edits, Mask, & Dodge Tool

Friday, May 17, 2019

Macro Photography

Settings: ISO 100, F11, 1/200, FLASH ON
Photoshop: Gradient, Blacks, Whites, Contrast, Exposure, Lend Correction, and Crop
Settings: ISO 800, 1/80 F8, F
Photoshop: Blacks, Whites, Contrast, and Clarity
Settings: ISO 100, 1/200, F11
Photoshop: Selective Tool, Exposure, Saturation, Desaturation, Clarity, Crop, Dehaze, Blacks, and Whites
Settings: ISO 400, F8, 1/125
Photoshop:Selective Tool, Crop Exposure, Saturation, Desaturation, Clarity, Dehaze, Blacks, and Whites